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Types of Studies

Quantitative  Studies


In the quantitative area, we have special experience and skills in:

  1. Product Tests (Blind and branded, special expertise in products with complex handling: soups, ice creams, flavored milk)
  2. Tracking studies
  3. Usage and  attitudes, habits
  4. Image and positioning (corporate reputation)
  5. Concept tests / packaging / labels
  6. Customer satisfaction studies
  7. Mystery shopper
  8. Public opinion studies
  9. Advertising evaluations
  10. B2B studies
  11. High Class studies (ABC1)

Methodologies:  mall interception in central locations, phone interviews, face to face interviews, on line studies (CAWI)

*Seycam has 4 permanent venues (central locations) covering different places in Santiago and reaching all SELs.

Qualitative Studies

We conduct the following qualitative studies:

  1. Focus groups(*)
  2. In depth interviews
  3. Ethnography
  4. Key Stakeholders

(*)We have access to one way mirror, with simultaneous translation when needed, and video streaming transmission to reach worldwide.


Trained Sensory Panel Services


In the Sensory Analysis  area, we perform the following services with trained panels:

  1. Difference Test: aimed to detect if there are statistical differences between two products (due to raw material, processes, storage, packaging, etc)
  2. Comparative Profiles: comparing the most important characteristics of one or several products against a control product, with the purpose of identifying the characteristics that are different and their direction.
  3. Sensory Profile: obtaining a profile or “digital footprint” through a quantitative descriptive analysis (QDA), used mainly for Research and Development.
  4. Sensory Quality: quantitative quality of products, may be used for shelf life determination of products or analysis of competitor products.
  5. Shelf life: evaluation of microbiological and sensory quality through time, with the product stored at different temperatures, to obtain shelf life data and the relationship between temperature and deterioration (accelerated lifetime)

Methodology:  Trained panel according to the ISO 8685-1: 1993 guideline.  Before the evaluation sessions, a specific training is given to the judges on the product and tools.


Training of Sensory Panels


We offer the following courses with Sence code:

  1. Selection and training of a Sensory Panel in your company
  2. Training in sensory analysis for workers of different production lines.

These courses are performed in client’s venues and according to their needs in terms of days and timings, tailor made to cover their specific requirements.

Seycam also conducts courses to train 2 to 4 people in sensory evaluation, such as: statistic analysis, panel training, design of infrastructure for sensory panels, usage of different sensory tests for these assessments, etc.



Quantitative Studies
Qualitative Studies
Trained Sensory Panel Services
Training of Sensory Panels
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